Mommy and Daddy Don’t Love You Enough to Buy You a Hazmat Suit by Mark T. Wain

There has never been a picture book like this one before…

Children deserve the best. What parent wouldn’t want to offer their children the most extravagant birthday parties, the most esteemed tutors, and most importantly, the safest hazmat suits available?

Experimental humor writer Mark T. Wain has teamed up with renowned illustrator Billy Blaze to create the first book ever written […]

Learn the Alphabet: A Book for Children with Low Self Esteem by Dick Dickley

F is for funny…

Clearly, author Dick Dickley never had kids, because when he was asked to write an alphabet book for children with low self-esteem, nobody expected this!

This is a book for children with low self-esteem. Why is it not recommended for actual children, then? Because this book is designed to GIVE children low self-esteem, not cure it. From […]

Lizzie Makes Bad Life Choices: Lizzie Dates a Musician by Jane Austen Texas

Lizzie is a nice girl, but…

Lizzie is a nice girl, but she has a bad habit of making bad life choices. In this book, she drunkenly falls for a musician named Joe that she met at the local bar. Her fantasy of dating a talented rock star begins to crumble as it becomes clear that Joe makes even worse […]

Princess Sophie and the Dick of Fire by Jane Austen Texas

Forget diamonds…

Forget diamonds. Pyrokinesis is a girl’s best friend, with the Tinder Fairy being a close second. Princess Sophie is a beautiful princess looking for her prince. Just when she thinks she’s met the perfect man, she discovers some unpleasant requirements in order to make their union work. How much will Princess Sophie endure before she learns how to […]