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The thing about this story is…

This is not based on a true story. That would be crazy. Just like Jamie. Jamie is not your average person. And he certainly isn’t your average patient, either. From thinking the plot of Sharknado is a documentary about his family to trying to get a worker’s compensation claim before he goes to his job interview, there’s never been a doctor’s visit quite like this one. Jamie’s antics are laugh out loud funny. Read all about them now!

Featured Review:

“I have never laughed out loud so much before. Jamie is a riot and each page is a surprising twist. I can’t wait to read more books about Jamie!”
– Warren G, professional wrapper *

(* Disclaimer: Warren G is a guy that works at Mark’s local gift shop that hates punctuation and refused to give him his full last name. He is not the same person as the famous West Coast rapper who coincidentally also goes by Warren G.)

About the Author:

Mark T. Wain likes to break into mental institutions and instigate civil wars based on pudding preferences. While the Tapioca Nation battles with the Butterscotch Republic over who can avoid being sedated the longest, Mark demands that the orderlies crown him the most special snowflake in all of the land. After that, Mark goes home to get ready for date night while toying with the idea of jumping into local politics.

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