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Identity theft is no laughing matter, except when Jamie is involved. In this sequel to Jamie Goes to the Doctor, Jamie gets a phone call from a scammer trying to collect some personal information. Luckily, Jamie is not your average person. From thinking it’s possible to have multiple birth mothers to believing social security numbers are assigned by America Online’s instant messenger service, there has never been a phone call with a con artist quite like this one. How successful will the scammer be in stealing Jamie’s identity? Read to find out!

Fans of Jamie Goes to the Doctor will love the second book in the Jamie Has Experiences series. Jamie’s antics are laugh out loud funny. Read all about them now!

Featured Review:

“I didn’t even think it was possible, but this book is even funnier than Jamie Goes to the Doctor. This book is a quick read that is jam-packed to the brim with memorable and laughable moments. I highly recommend it.”
– Warren G, professional wrapper *

(* Disclaimer: Warren G is a guy that works at Mark’s local gift shop that hates punctuation and refused to give him his full last name. He is not the same person as the famous West Coast rapper who coincidentally also goes by Warren G.)

About the Author:

Mark T. Wain always screens his phone calls. Even though he has been entrusted with a super important-looking red phone from the government, he will only pick up for his celebrity friends: Cher, Helen Mirren, and the guy that waves his arms around in that one YouTube video. His loved ones have been trying to become internet famous for years in order to get a hold of him. In his spare time, Mark likes to prank call Bosnia.

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