Project Description

Not your typical romance…

Accidentally talking to a crazy person is a rite of passage on a dating app like Tinder. But what happens when two equally crazy people get matched up together? Hilarity ensues as Tinder Love Story tells the tale of Jenn and Randy, two millennials who become a couple, thanks to their poor social skills and Tinder antics.

This book is beautifully illustrated to give you the feeling that you are right there in the middle of the action, as if you were reading the trainwreck directly from your phone.

Featured Review:

“This book is a masterpiece! Jenn and Randy’s conversation is just zany enough to be funny, yet believable. I can picture this actually happening, which makes it even funnier. Tinder Love Story is a must-read for anyone that’s single or currently dating someone.”
– Warren G, wrapper *

(* Disclaimer: Warren G is a guy that hates punctuation who works at Jane’s local gift shop that refused to give her his full last name. He is not the same person as a famous West Coast rapper who coincidentally also goes by Warren G.)

About the Author:

Jane Austen Texas is a world-renowned expert at detecting crazy people on dating sites. She is also an expert at driving slightly above the speed limit and a master at turning the dishwasher on at least once a week. It might seem like those two things are not related at all, but only a crazy person would fail to see the connection.

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